Global Art History 4: Talk mit Kuratorin Tia Čiček.

26. January 2022

17:00 - 19:00 Uhr

Hörsaal 1

"Not Fitting In" ist der Titel des Talks mit Kuratorin Tia Čiček im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung "Global Art History 4: Curating in the Post-Global".

Not Fitting In

Talk with Tia Čiček

January 26, 2022, 5–7pm
Lecture hall 1
>> Due to the Corona-regulations in place the talk
unfortunately can only be attended by students of KU Linz! <<

Current Corona-regulations at KU Linz 


About the lecture series
Global Art History 4: Curating in the Post-Global

Addressing aspects of accessing knowledge and work opportunities within a specific local context, curator Tia Čiček talks about actively participating in re-imagining the ways we (can) work in the field of contemporary art.

Through her personal and professional experience as a student cultural worker and as a now self-employed curator, she managed to secure a temporary yet crucial position of the artistic director of the regionally and internationally relevant Škuc Gallery situated in Ljubljana, Slovenia. As someone without many access points and social-economical background embedded in the local cultural tissue, she critically examines structures and issues that stand in the way of various positions and opportunities in the field of contemporary art.

About Tia Čiček
Tia Čiček has an MA in Art History, for the last few years she worked as a curator and producer of contemporary art and is the current artistic director of Škuc Gallery. She is interested in rethinking conventional exhibition-making and creating new and safer environments for contemporary art production.



Weitere Informationen zur Ringvorlesung, zu den einzelnen Terminen und zum Anmeldeprozedere
Global Art History 4: Curating in the Post-Global

Die Ringvorlesung findet unter Einhaltung der jeweils gültigen Corona-Regelungen und nach Maßgabe der Möglichkeiten öffentlich zugänglich in Präsenz statt. Vier Termine werden via Zoom abgehalten.

Die jeweils aktuell an der KU Linz geltenden Corona-Bestimmungen finden sich hier.


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