Summer School at Linz.

A cooperation with Boston College.


Summer School 2020 postponed!

Due to that fact and the travel restriction in several countries, we decided to postpone our Summer School to summer 2021. 
All students that applied for the summer courses are mostly welcome to join us next year!

Dates: June 29 through August 7, 2020
Location: Catholic University of Linz (KU), Linz, Austria

    Why KU Linz?

    • A forward-thinking research focused University with a long tradition
    • Expertise in the development of tailor made programs
    • A friendly, safe, and green environment in the center of the city
    • A great location: Austria!

    Key Facts

    • Three- or six-week programs comprising academic activities with related field trips
    • Excursions will be part of the courses: e.g.: the Abbey of Kremsmuenster, local examples of contemporary church architecture, the Ars Electronica Center, etc.
    • Up to 12 ECTS credits for entire six-week program.
    • All courses will be graded. The grades will be based on presentations, term papers and active participation in the course.
    • At least B2 level command of English required, (advanced)
    • No previous knowledge of German required for the course "German for Theologians"

    Target group

    Bachelor and Master students in the Humanities (Theology, Philosophy, History, Art History, Social Sciences).
    The Summer School is also open for PhD students.

    Courses offered

    Date: June 29 through July 17, 2020
    Time: Monday-Thursday: 15:30-18:00; field trips on Fridays

    Living in aestheticized cultures requires skills of critical perception informed by relevant theories. While reality has always been more than "hard facts" – both religion(s) and art bear witness to that –contemporary technological possibilities have even ‘augmented’ reality and, thus, are raising questions about who we are. The course will cover quite a bit of ground in both art history and theology in an exemplary manner related to the local and historical circumstances. Central theological themes such as anthropology, soteriology, grace, etc. will be critically correlated with e.g. baroque iconographic programs, questions raised by post humanism, and material culture.

    The course will be offered as an interdisciplinary workshop where theologians, art historians, and philosophers will engage in lectures and discussions with each other and with students. Excursions will be a central part of this course: e.g.: the Abbey of Kremsmuenster, local examples of contemporary church architecture, the Ars Electronica Center, etc.

    Ass. Prof. Andreas Telser, Linz; Dr. Annette Langner-Pischmann, International Research Center for Social Issues and Ethics, Salzburg; Prof. Knut Wenzel, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt (requested).

    Prof. Anna Minta, Linz; Prof. Ilaria Hoppe, Linz; Ass. Prof. Julia Rüdiger, Linz; Ass. Prof. Julia Allerstorfer, Linz; Ass. Maximilan Lehner, Linz; Dr. Maximiliane Buchner, Linz.

    Date: July 20 through August 7, 2020
    Time: Monday-Thursday: 15:30-18:00; field trips on Fridays

    To investigate critically theological aspects of witnessing against the historical background of Upper Austria’s 1930’s and 1940’s can be theologically most productive. At the same time it forces one to gaze into the abysses of humanity. The region’s most outstanding witness was, of course, Franz Jaegerstaetter (1907-1943), but he was not the only one. The course will be taught in an interdisciplinary manner by both historians and theologians. Excursions to historic sites as well as possibly meeting with some family members of the survivors will play a central role in this course.

    Ass. Prof. Andreas Telser, Linz; Dr. Annette Langner-Pischmann, International Research Center for Social Issues and Ethics, Salzburg

    Dr. Andreas Schmoller, Dr. Verena Lorber, Jaegerstaetter Institute, Linz; Dr. Helmut Wagner, Author of Dr. Johann Gruber: Priest, Teacher, and Patriot

    Dates: June 27 through 7 August 7, 2020
    Time: Monday-Thursday 9:30-12:30, field trips on Fridays

    The course German for Theologians will introduce German grammar, syntax, and vocabulary at an elementary level enabling the participants to read, understand, and translate theological and religious studies texts. It is an invaluable advantage to learn a language while living in a culture where it is spoken in everyday life.

    Lecturer: Helmut Sturm, MA, GFL instructor, and theologian


    • Full-time students
    • Good command of English required, at least B2 level (advanced)


    • Students can take as many courses as they like. Up to 12 ECTS for a six- week stay can be earned when attending "German for Theologians" in the morning and both afternoon courses.
    • A six-week attendance will cost 600€, a three-week attendance 300€ (for 3 ECTS).

    The fee covers course material (text will be provided electronically), filed trips, orientation, and a farewell  get-together.

    An additional health insurance for your stay in Austria is recommended.

    For applicants from KU Linz partner universities a full scholarship for a three-week program (one per institution) is available. Please, check if your home university is a partner university.

    For more information, contact the International Office at KU, Ms. Angelina Kratschanova, BA, EMBA: ku_international[at]


    Accommodation support involves help with booking a place in one of the dormitories nearby. The costs for accommodation will to be borne by the students.

    How to apply

    Please, send a CV, motivation letter, and a transcript of records to:

    Deadline for applications: April 15, 2020

    All applicants will receive a note on whether they have been accepted or not within two weeks after submission of their application.

    Further informations can be found here.