Informationen für ausländische Gaststudierende

Herzlich Willkommen!

Sie haben Interesse daran, die Katholische Privat-Universität Linz kennen zu lernen und ein oder zwei Semester hier bei uns zu studieren?

Dann kommen Sie als Austausch- oder Gaststudierende/r nach Linz!

Es gibt zwei Möglichkeiten, einen Auslandsaufenthalt bei uns zu absolvieren:

  • Ihre Heimathochschule hat eine Erasmus-Vereinbarung mit der KU Linz
  • Es gibt keine Vereinbarung zwischen Ihrer Heimathochschule und der KU Linz

Je nachdem, ob es zwischen Ihrer Heimathochschule und der KU Linz ein bestehendes Partnerschaftsabkommen gibt, unterscheidet sich der Bewerbungsprozess für ein Auslandssemester. Unsicher, ob so eine Partnerschaft besteht? Die Liste mit unseren Partneruniversitäten schafft Abhilfe.

You join us for our KULIS (KU Linz International Semester) held completely in English taking place in winter terms

Incoming students will experience two wonderful weeks from the middle of September in order to get acquainted with the city of Linz, Austrian culture, and with each other.

The program includes a variety of activities: visiting Linz’ most famous sights and attractions, participating in an intensive German course as well as in several field trips. Here is an exemplary overview:

  • Sightseeing and Get-Together Events
  • Intensive German Course for Beginners (3 ECTS) - Course Outline
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Course  and Guided field trips such as to The Mauthausen Memorial, the Benedictine Monasteries at Kremsmünster, Admont (with the largest monastery library of the world), or Melk, the Bruckner Organ at St. Florian Monastery etc. (3 ECTS) - Course Outline

The KU Linz Buddy Program matches new incoming international students with friendly upper-year KU-students called Buddies. Each incoming student will be able to enjoy the support of a KU student in finding one’s bearings at KU Linz.

The following semester courses will be offered in Autumn 2019/20:

  • Introducing Old Testament Theologies: Themes and Perspectives (3 ECTS) - Course Outline
  • Exegesis of Selected New Testament Texts (2 ECTS)- Course Outline
  • The Impact of Religions and Value Systems on European Cultures (3 ECTS)- Course Outline
  • Seminar: Ethics and Society (5 ECTS) - Course Outline
  • Seminar: Freedom of Will. Recent Positions and Debates (3 ECTS) - Course Outline
  • Material Culture in Art and Religion (5 ECTS) - Course Outline
  • German Language Course A1 (3 ECTS) - Course Outline

Students can choose from all courses offered, we recommend them to choose at least 15 ECTS points


  • Full-time students
  • Sufficient English ability

How to apply for KULIS

To join KULIS, students from partner universities need to be nominated by their home institution. The International Office at your home institution sends your nomination to , giving your surname, first name, e-mail address and degree program and we will proceed with your application.

Students from non-partner universities, can apply sending us CV, Motivation Letter and Transcript of Records:

Application Deadline:  15th of June 2019

We recommend that you apply as early as possible to ensure that you receive all necessary information and visa support documents on time! 

For more information, please check our flyer