•    At the FFJI we are working on a digital edition of the estate of Franz Jägerstätter.

•    Our central activities are the documentation, collection and archiving of bequests, literature, media reports, interviews and other analogue and digital sources on Franz and Franziska Jägerstätter.

•    The FFJI is a member of the project group of the project "Gedächtnisbuch Oberösterreich" (“Book of Remembrance of Upper Austria”), which was founded in 2019.

•    In addition, we are engaged in individual research on various aspects of the biographies of Franz and Franziska Jägerstätter, their biographical environment and their reception in society, politics, church and culture. 

•    Heinrich Kreutzberg and prison chaplaincy.

•    In addition, individual research projects of the FFJI focus on the spectrum of Catholic and religiously connoted resistance during National Socialism in the regional context of the Diocese of Linz.

•    Reactions to NS euthanasia in the Diocese of Linz