Research at the KU Linz

The Catholic Private University Linz is a research institution with special focus on the challenges faced by society and the church and on transformational processes of the future. The KU Linz fulfils its teaching mission and makes sure that the newest research results are incorporated in all modules and seminars. We especially encourage young researchers to become members of our research community. We believe that the next generation must be in charge of responsibly shaping their future for themselves.

Thus, we strive to continuously strengthen our research profile. In order to do so the KU Linz has established research focus points that speak to the university as a whole. In particular, the KU focuses on the inter-sectionality of social, church and economic social order as well as on the role of art as a means to interpret current phenomena.

The question regarding the good life of the individual and society as a whole is at the centre of our research. We try to identify the conditions of modernity that allow a successful life, while identifying potential crises. Research of this kind by its very nature can only be properly done in an interdisciplinary way. The KU Linz is thus a research institution at the intersection of science, faith, and society. 

Our research does not exclusively focus on an interpretation of the concept crisis and how a crisis can be overcome, but is especially concerned with the development of positive life-concepts and -tools required to implement positive ideas. We look for the soft skills human beings and societies need to have a positive lifestyle. The goal is to build communities based on successful communication.