These are the Online Catalogues of the Diocesan and University Library of the KU Linz:


Online catalogue for the university library of the Catholic Private University of Linz (all collections from 1992 onwards). PRIMO can also be accessed via VThK (Virtual Catalogue of Theology and Church) 

DigiKat (1972-1992)

Digitalised Alphabetical Card Catalogue (DigiKat): DigiKat of the Catholic Private University of Linz lists all books of the DUB acquired between 1970 and 1992. The digital catalogue contains about 120.000 cards. Please note that the cards are organised according to Prussian Instructions. We are currently working on full-text search. At the current state you may use our trial version, but please note that results are not always adequate. In order to make sure you get the optimum result, please also browse through the digitalised cards. You will also have the opportunity to adjust the full-text search function for every card. Your entries will become visible immediately. 

For any further enquiries please consult a librarian during our opening times (, Telephone: +43-(0)70-784293-4129).

Handwritten Author-Title Catalogue (before 1970)

The handwritten author-title catalogue of the Catholic Private University of Linz lists all books of the DUB acquired before 1970. You will have the opportunity to add additional information to every card to help improve our full-text search. Your entries will become visible immediately.

For any further enquiries please consult a librarian during our opening times (bibliothek[at], Telephone: +43-(0)70-784293-4129).

Incunabulum Catalogue

The Census of Incunabula of Austria is currently in the process of listing the incunabula of the DUB. Once finalised, this will allow easy digital access to the entire collection. Parts of our incunabulum catalogue have already been digitalised. You can find it using our regular OPAC. If you cannot find what you are looking, please use our analogue Incunabulum Catalogue, or ask a member of library staff for help.


Database of Sermons for Theology and Church (PThK):

This database holds sermons, preaching aids, prayers according to passages from the Bible, and various relevant authors. The DUB has been actively participating in the PThK since 2006. The DUB is working toward making its entire catalogue of contemporary sermons available online.

Image Catalogue

Image Catalogue:

The database VIVARIUM of the Hill Museum Manuscript Library of the Saint John’s University (USA) is currently in charge of establishing quick search function, image description, and digital reproduction of the DUB’s collection of images and miniatures of manuscript collection. The collection is listed according to order signatures. 

Search engine of VIVARIUM