Friends and Sponsors

Friends and Sponsors

Our Catholic Private University is funded to a large degree by the Diocese of Linz. Such a commitment to the sciences and academic education is quite unusual and unique for a diocese.

In addition to the generous funding, the KU can count on its  sponsors and friends as well as our alumni network for support. Their engagement helps financing special events by which we are able to strengthen the regional integration of the activities of the KU. Through the cooperation with our sponsors, the Alumni Association and the Episcopal Fund, we are able both to ensure the high quality of our research and teaching, constantly improve the infrastructure of our university and support our students with their needs.

We are highly thankful to our sponsors for their continuous engagement and support.

Over the past decades Upper Austria has come to be one of the top regions for technological progress in Austria. The region is widely recognised for its contributions to technological, scientific and economic research.

As an internationally renowned place for the study of the humanities located in Upper Austria, the Catholic Private University (KU) of Linz aims to support the technological, industrial and economic development of the region. By providing a holistic scientific perspective on the issues at hand and by guiding the developments with rational arguments we aim to further both man’s and creation’s well-being. Therefore, our main focus is on economic, ecological, and social sustainability. We believe that all scientific, economic, and political activity should respect the demands of sustainability. The KU Linz aims to further both a sound reflection on our values​​ and an open dialogue between society, religion, art and the sciences.

The association “Friends of the KU Linz” was founded in order to create a forum for dialogue and to support the KU Linz financially. It is a distinguished group of persons renowned for their contribution to social life in Upper Austria, including representatives of the private and public sector, the finance and insurance industry, and representatives of the Church. Further members include freelancers and private citizens. This diverse group is united in their common interest to further the dialogue on values under the guidance of the KU Linz. It is, therefore, in their interest to support the institution financially. In addition to the annual membership fee for the association (€ 50.00 or € 100.00) we also welcome any amount of donations to the KU Linz. The donations are tax deductible in accordance with § 4a Z1 lit a EstG (Personal Income Tax Code).

Upon its formation in 2011 Governor Dr Josef Pühringer and Diocesan Bishop Dr Ludwig Schwarz accepted the patronage for the association. Dr Andreas Mitterlehner, CEO of the Regional Bank of Upper Austria, was elected chairman of the association.

If you, or your business or organisation wish to join the association “Friends of the KU Linz”, you are most welcome to fill in the application form (see folder below) and send it to the chairman of the board. You may also contact the chairman personally for any questions concerning the membership.


Contact: HYPO Oberösterreich, Büro Generaldirektor Dr. Andreas Mitterlehner, Landstraße 38, 4010 Linz.