About the Student Union

Statut der ÖH KU

Levels of the ÖH (Austrian Student Union)

At the KU

The various student representatives are responsible for the representation of the students’ interests of their respective faculties. They serve as contact persons for various student queries. For study programmes of less than 400 students it is legally required to have three student representatives. They are elected by the student body.

The Student Union (HV): 7 mandates are allocated. The Student Union is elected in accordance with the proportional list system. It coordinates the lower levels of student representation and appoints student members to participate in the University Senate. Furthermore, the Student Union is in charge of distributing the budget to the lower levels. The Student Union convenes at least twice per semester. The sessions are public and all students are cordially invited to participate.

Faculty Studies Representatives (FStV): does not exist at the KU Linz

At Federal Level

The Bundesvertretung/Federal Representation (BV): Statutory Student Representation for students of Universities of Applied Sciences, University Colleges of Education, Private Universities and Universities in Austria. In accordance with the “Hochschülerinnen- und Hochschülerschaftsgesetz (HSG) [Students and Student Union laws]“ the Student Union represents “the general and study-oriented interests of its members.” 100 student representatives form the panel of the ÖH Federal Committee, who elect the chair and the speakers of the Federal Student Union and determine the budget and projects of the Federal Student Union.

Councils at the KU Linz


Faculty Council Faculty of Theology FK ThF

Study Commission StuKo

Faculty Council Faculty of Philosophy FK FPhK

Councils at the KU Linz

Senate: Baumgartner, Weingartner, Leonhartsberger

Faculty Council Faculty of Theology (FK ThF): Leirich, Weingartner, Simic
Study Council Faculty of Theology (StuKo ThF): Leirich, Weingartner

Statute of the Student Union at the KU (in german)