Erasmus+ teaching mobility

Erasmus+ teaching mobility is possible in all countries participating in the program. i.e. 28 EU member states, Iceland, Norway Liechtenstein, the Republic of Macedonia, and Turkey.

Duration of stay

Erasmus+ teaching mobility is between at least two days and no more than two months (exclusive travel time). The teaching load is at least 8 hours per week.

Requirements and application

  • You are member of the regular teaching staff of KU Linz
  • A valid cooperation agreement exists between KU Linz and the hosting institution (see list of partner institutions)
  • If no cooperation agreement has yet been established, we will contact the institution and try to establish a partnership

Selected staff will receive:

  • Travel- and accommodation grant
  • Support in the preparation and realization of the mobility (cultural and organizational)
  • Extra funding for participants with special needs