You may borrow books and other media from the library holdings, if you have a valid library card. In case of late return the library will charge you an overdue fee in accordance with its terms of service.

Please see a librarian at the info desk at your first visit, if you wish to borrow something from our library holdings. Our expert team of librarians will be happy to help you set up a library account. 

Manuscripts, Incunabula, Old Prints and Collections

Parts of these collections are quite old and sensitive, which is why they are subject to special rules and terms of use. They cannot be borrowed. 

  1. Rules and regulations for the use of manuscripts, incunabula, old prints and collections: Definition: these regulations are valid for all media published before and up to 1850, for all manuscripts, copies of outstanding quality and with special features, for copies in a poor state of preservation, and for objects from the collections of the DUB such as maps, plans, graphic art, and pictures.Even if not catalogued as such, our librarians reserve the right to determine books and other media as sensitive material.
  2. Borrowing: borrowing any kind of media that falls under this category is only possible after the head of library has explicitly consented. Any external borrowings for persons who are not members of the KU Linz are only possible via interlibrary loan. All such loans are based on and regulated by a lending contract.In case of in-house borrowing the following terms of usage apply.
  3. Publications: for the purpose of documentation you must present on your own accord a deposit copy (or special print) of your work in which you have used relevant collections of the DUB Linz. If document depository is not possible, you must submit the bibliography of the publication to the library.

Helpful Tools 

  1. Manuscripts: Catalogue of Manuscripts at (Project of the ÖAW)
  2. Incunabula: Census of Incunabula of Austria 
  3. Old prints: Index of prints of the 17th century (VD17) - all relevant collections of the DUB are listed there