Erasmus+ studies

Exchange semester, Bachelor/Master thesis at a partner institution.

Erasmus+, the European Union’s international exchange program for universities offers students the possibility to complete three to twelve months of their studies in any European Union member state. On the average, however, the terms are between four to six months.

Students of the Catholic Private University Linz

  • can complete lectures and/or work on their thesis at the partner institutions
  • will receive a scholarship to help support their international studies
  • will be credited for their studies at KU Linz
  • are exempt from tuition fees both at the partner institution and during the length of their stay also at KU Linz.


If you want to study at an Erasmus partner institution you can be supported by a scholarship under the following conditions:

  • You are at least in their 3rd semester
  • You have the citizenship of one of the participating countries, refugee status in Austria, or at least a one-year official residence in Austria
  • You have not used up the total length of Erasmus+ mobility (twelve months per study cycle (Bachelor/Master/PhD) or twenty-four months in a diploma program)

There is no age restriction for participants in the Erasmus+ program. Possible universities are those that have a partnership agreement with KU Linz. You can find the list of partner institutions here.

Contact us if your preferred university is not on the list of partner institutions! We will do our best to support you and will attempt to expand the list of our partners.

Financial Matters

The Erasmus+ grant

Erasmus+ grants depend on the host country and are between € 282 and € 333 per month. The exact amounts can be found here.

Upper Austrian Internationalization Program for Students (IPS)

The IPS grant can be applied for in addition to the Erasmus+ grant.

If you plan to study in a non-German speaking country you can apply for up to € 100 and a travel grant: Europe max. € 240, outside Europe max. € 480. You can find more information on grants further below on this site.

Episcopal stipend for KU Linz

The stipend can be up to € 100 per month; Application forms and more information is available at the administration offices of KU.

Special Erasmus+ grants

In addition to the Erasmus+ grant students with special needs or chronic illnesses who want to participate in the Erasmus+ programs can apply for special funding. When you prepare your semester abroad please contact us and supply relevant information concerning your situation and a general estimate of the additional costs during the time of studies/internship You can find more information here.

  • Students with children

In addition to the Erasmus+ grant parents who want to participate in the Erasmus+ programs can apply for special funding at the Austrian National Agency Erasmus+

This extra funding is meant to help with the additional costs of an Erasmus+ study term. Successful applicants who are planning to take their own child/children along will receive a lump sum of € 120 per month for the first child. For a second or third child, this amount is increased by € 30 per month each. You can find more information here.

  • Students with special needs


  • Available scholarships after the first round of applications are awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  • Deadline for application for the winter semester – depending on the application deadline of the host university – is May 15th.
  • Deadline for application for the summer semester – depending on the application deadline of the host university – is November 10th