Erasmus+ Internship for students and graduates

Within the framework of Erasmus+ you can also organize an internship yourself and apply for a grant.

Students can consume twelve months per study cycle (Bachelor/Master/PhD) or twenty-four months in a diploma program.

Erasmus+ internships can be done in any of the 28 EU member states as well as in Iceland, Turkey, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Macedonia. Internships in Switzerland are currently not possible.

In contrast to Erasmus study terms, which require an agreement between universities, in an internship you enjoy wider freedom in your choice of internship as long as it is relevant to your studies. Also, there are no age restrictions and citizenship has no influence on the eligibility.

Graduates can also apply for an Erasmus+ internship grant and prospective teachers can apply for financial support for a teaching assistant position at a school in a European member state.

Length of stay: A minimum of two to a maximum of twelve continuous months.


  • Participating students must be registered as regular students at KU Linz (Bachelor, Master, PhD)
  • Bachelor students must be enrolled in at least the 3rd semester at the beginning of the internship.
  • Master and PhD students can complete an internship from the 1st semester on.

Note! The studies at KU may not be completed before or during the internship.

Financial Matters

Erasmus+ grant

The Erasmus+ grant is not a full scholarship but a subsidy to cover the additional cost of living during the internship. The amount of an Erasmus+ grant depends on the host country and is between € 400 and € 450 per month. The figures are adjusted annually.

Pay received during the internship has no influence on the amount of the grant or its approval.

During the internship you are exempt from tuition at KU Linz.

Upper Austrian Internationalization Program for Students (IPS)

The IPS grant can be applied for in addition to the Erasmus+ grant

If you plan to study in a non-German speaking country you can apply for up to € 100 and a travel grant: Europe max. € 240, outside Europe max. € 480. You can find more information on grants further below on this site.

Episcopal stipend for KU Linz

The stipend can be up to € 100 per month; Application forms and more information is available at the administration offices of KU.

Special Erasmus+ grants

In addition to the Erasmus+ grant parents who want to participate in the Erasmus+ programs can apply for special funding at the National Agency Erasmus+

This extra funding is meant to help with the additional costs of an Erasmus+ term. Successful applicants who are planning to take their own child/children along will receive a lump sum of € 120 per month for the first child. For a second or third child, this amount is increased by € 30 per month each. You can find more information on grants here.

In addition to the Erasmus+ scholarship students with special needs or chronic illnesses who want to participate in the Erasmus+ study-, internship-, teaching-, or training- programs can apply for special funding. When you prepare your semester abroad please contacts us and supply relevant information concerning your situation and a general estimate of the additional costs during the time of studies/internship. You can find more information on grants further below.

  • Students with children
  • Students with special needs

Tips to find a suitable internship:

You can find a list of companies that have already offered internships to Austrian Erasmus participants through the testimonials on the OEAD Website.

The student organization AIESEC helps to find suitable internship placements. More information online.


You can submit your application with KU International any time, but at least one month before the start of the internship. No applications can be submitted for internships that have already started.