KU Knowledge Transfer

Our scientists and researchers are in vivid exchange with international and national colleagues. The KU Linz is committed to further promote and widen its already vast network of universities and research institutions worldwide that are dedicated to the interdisciplinary development of research and teaching. 

The KU Linz continuously works to extend its curriculum, thereby fulfilling its teaching and educational mission. The KU cooperates with universities and universities of applied sciences as well as institutions of adult education in Linz. We are especially proud of our close partnership with the Johannes Kepler University Linz, the University of Art and Design Linz, the Private University College of Education of the Diocese Linz, and the University Budweis. 

As an institution for the promotion of the sciences and faith the KU is always looking for new ways to take on the responsibilities that come with such a commitment. Our researchers strive to contribute to general discourse and current problems by providing scientific know-how and know-why that help tackle the challenges of the world today and tomorrow. That is why the KU Linz makes every effort to make its research results accessible to the public. This involvement is supported by the Diocese of Linz, the regional government of Upper Austria, and influential panels across Austria. Members of the KU research community participate in the following panels and institutions:

  • Advisory Board European Forum Alpbach
  • GM Technology Commission at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and Women
  • European Educational Programme “Literacy”
  • PRO SCIENTIA Austrian Foundation for the Promotion of University Education (Österreichisches Studienförderungswerk)
  • Cultural Advisory Committee in Upper Austria 
  • Advisory Board for Religion in Upper Austria
  • Austrian Episcopal Conference 
  • Institute of Pastoral Further Education of the Diocese of Linz
  • Catholic Education Service of Austria
  • Catholic Adult Education 
  • Christian-Jewish Committee of Linz
  • Austrian Society of the Philosophy of Religion 

The KU Knowledge Transfer sees itself as a place that is open to the public. Feel free to get to know our university, our central tasks and educational programmes from the inside. We are an open-minded and diverse community of teachers and students.

We thus regularly hold the “Dies Academicus,” and offer public lecture series and talks (e.g. in celebration of the Day of Judaism or in context of the Thomas Academy)