Research at the Faculty of Theology

The research at the Faculty of Theology of the KU Linz focuses on the investigation of the processes of transformation of the individual and society as a whole.

The phenomenon of faith is researched primarily in its concrete impact on both courses of action and economic value judgments. This shall especially help to indicate the high creative potential of the Christian life and beliefs.

After many years of collaborative project work the KU Linz has thus been able to develop an interdisciplinary research project that allows to investigate the relations of economy, ethics, and society. In 2008 this research project was transformed into a unique study major available to students of theology. It is a central part of the curriculum of the KU Linz.

Consistent with this development the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Authenticity has developed a survey method to measure the impact of current transformations in the ongoing tensions between tradition, institution, and individual, while examining the question of new modes of finding orientation and sense-making.