Institute of Canon Law

The Institute of Canon Law represents and deals with the legal system of the Catholic Church in its teachings and research while maintaining the greatest possible proximity to diocesan practice. As a major field of study – according to the different syllabus’ – students should get a good knowledge of the legal basics and the essential contents of the canon law system of the Church with special respect to the theological foundation of the norms and the ecclesiological function of the Church’s legal institutions. 

The teaching is focused on the canon law of the Catholic Church of the Latin Rite (“Code of Canon Law” – Codex Iuris Canonici / 1983, as amended), although the norms of the “Code of the Eastern Catholic Churches” (Codex Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium – CCEO /1990, as amended), too, are increasingly integrated, taking into account the situation of the current migration movement. Furthermore important are the provisions of the Austrian Bishops Conference and the local diocesan legislation.

Besides research on a theological foundation of Canon Law, a special interest of the Institute consists in the practical application of norms in the field of ecclesiastic administration (including the administration of sacraments) and the development of new pastoral structures within the Church. Furthermore, there exists an international demand for legal assistance and advise of religious institutes according to their proper law.

Sources of the Law

  • The Codex Iuris Canonici (1983) and the instruction Dignitas Connubii can be found online here (in Latin and German)
  • CIC/83, CIC/17, DC and CCEO can be downloaded from Ulrich Rhode SJ
  • The Codices can be found online at the Bibliotheca Catholica IntraText in several more languages 

Church Law at Theological Faculties in Austria

Diocesan Courts

Useful Websites: 

  • A wealth of information and links can be found on the homepage of Ulrich Rhode SJ 
  • An extensive collection of useful links can be found at the Uni Innsbruck. 
  • Actae Apostolicae Sedis. A publication for all matters regarding teaching 

News relevant to the Canon are published regularly on the website nomokanon.