Welcome to the Catholic Private University Linz!

The Catholic Private University (KU) Linz is a vibrant place of acknowledged reputation for excellence scientific research and teaching. We promote critical inquiry and independent thinking in all our courses be it Theology, Philosophy or Art History. Our teachers and students are engaged in lively discussions and dialogue on various philosophical, theological, social and art-historical topics as well as the challenges of our time.

Our Private University provides an optimal scientific and administrative infrastructure. In 2000, we were accredited to become the first private university of Austria. All our courses offered in the field of theology, religious education, philosophy and art history are nationally accredited and recognized internationally.

Our University Library is the third largest in Upper Austria. It holds more than 255.000 books, 3.700 journals, including 500 current and 770 electronically retrievable journals. The Library is open to the general public.

With the beginning of the Academic Year 2015/16 we have been able to establish the second faculty of our Private University: the Faculty of Philosophy and Art History. In addition to our previous study offer of a combined MA in Philosophy and Art History, we now offer independent MAs in both Philosophy and Art History. 

I am pleased to cordially invite you to have a browse on our website and find out more about our University. You are also free to come visit us in person at the Bethlehem Road 20 in Linz. Our friendly and competent staff will be happy to provide you with information and help you with your questions.


University Professor Dr. Christoph Niemand, Chancellor