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TAPE OVER & ONDE, Deep seas, tape art and video mapping installation, 2015, detail.
Foto: Wikimedia Commons
TAPE OVER & ONDE, Deep seas, 2015

Institute of Contemporary Arts and Media

For a while now the arts have not been sequestered behind the closed doors of galleries and museums, but rather they invade all of our social spheres. The dialectical relationship between art and life fundamentally shaped the twentieth-century avant-garde and represents a practical as well as theoretical challenge in the age of digitization. In particular, the arts have always welcomed and creatively implemented technical, scientific and political innovations, and themselves proffered models of knowledge and criticism.

The knowledge of these artistic positions, both theoretical and political models prompt critical reflection on present contexts and media, which seem to flow ever more smoothly into one another. In addition to Art History, the diverse methodological approaches of visual culture studies and spatial theory make accessible also non-artistic practices and hybrid media systems, which increasingly influence our daily lives. These phenomena are especially well understood in the contemporary discourse on urbanity. The contemporary urban is no longer based on a static concept of the city, but on a dynamic process, which is increasingly characterized by digital perception and participation. The focus of the institute is the research and mediation of these diverse relationships of art, media and technology in their everyday and scientific application.

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