Lehrveranstaltungen von Andreas Telser

VL: Religion-Secularization-Critique: Perspective from Sociology of Religion, Theology, and Political Philosophy

The proposed intensive course will focus on the link between critical thinking and secularization. It will consist in a lecture series of two hours on five consecutive days on the history of critique and the history of secularization on the one hand, and on a seminar-type close reading of the text “Is Critique Secular?” (see bibliography below). The lecture series will give a historical and systematic overview on the development of critique from the Enlightenment until today as well as the history of secularization (see “Format” below).

The seminar will focus on the discussion between Talal Asad, Saba Mahmood, Wendy Brown, and Judith Butler about the role of critique, the limits of free speech, and secularization. The questions about the relation between critique and secularization, about the rules of public discussion, and the power of religion in the public sphere. The seminar thus touches upon important questions of contemporary political philosophy, sociology of religion, the interpretative value of political and public theology, the contemporary state of (post-)secularization, and the relation of political and religious identities.


-: Vertiefung in weiteren dogmatischen Bereichen