Enrolment = Requirement to continue your studies

If you are a student at the KU Linz, then you must (re-)enrol before the deadline of every semester (extensions might be granted). Renrolment allows you to continue your studies. Please also pay your tuition and Students’ Union (ÖH; incl. insurance) fee upon re-enrolling. 

When you enrol for the first time at the beginning of your studies you must do so in person at the Rectorate. Upon enrolling you will receive your login to our IT system “SInN". “SInN” will allow you to pay your fees online. After you have paid you can print out your ‘Studienblatt’ (confirmation of study letter). You can then also request your student ID card. 

After your first semester you can use our IT system to reenrol in all subsequent semesters. As soon as you have paid your tuition fee you can print out your ‘Studienblatt.’ You may then also get your student ID renewed, which you can conveniently do at the IT terminal in the entrance hall of the KU. Just present your student ID to the card reader and press “Studierendenausweis verlängern” (renew student ID card).