Dr. Andreas Schmoller


Andreas Schmoller

Director of the Franz and Franziska Jaegerstaetter Institute

T: +43 732 78 42 93 4172


  • 2006–2009: PhD, History, University of Salzburg
  • Dissertation: ‚Vergangenheit, die nicht vergeht. Das Gedächtnis der Shoah in Frankreich seit 1945 im Medium Film (Holocaust Memory in French film since 1945)
  • 9/2001–8/2002: Teacher training in French and Religion, High school Bad Ischl/Austria
  • 6-7/2001: Seminary ‘Holocaust in Education’ at the International School for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem/Israel, funded by Austrian Ministry of Education.
  • 1995–2000: MA, Theology and Romance languages and literature (French), University of Salzburg (= High school teaching certificate)
  • Dissertation: ‚Projekt Weltethos – Auf dem Weg zu einem gemeinsamen Ethos der Religionen?‘ (‘Project Global Ethics – Towards shared ethics in world religions?’)
  • 3-7/1999: Erasmus scholarship: Studies in Theology in Fribourg/CH.

Previous Positions

  • 11/2017–4/2018: Researcher of the project ‘Syriac Christianity: Creative Options for Diaspora Futures’ (Grant by the Syriac Institute Salzburg)
  • 2011–2018: External Lecturer at the Department of History and Department of Biblical Studies and Church History, University of Salzburg
  • 4–10/2016: Paternity leave
  • 4/2014–3/2016: Postdoctoral researcher of the project ‘Narratives of Diaspora – Middle Eastern Christians in Austria’ (Project grant by the Science Fund of the Österreichische Nationalbank, Anniversary Fund, no. 15825)
  • 3/2014: Guest Lecturer at Fatih Universitesi Istanbul/Turkey (Erasmus Teaching Staff Exchange grant)
  • 10/2010–3/2014: Postdoctoral researcher of the project ‘Protagonists, Beneficiaries and Victims. Provenance Research at the University Library of Salzburg’ (Project grant by the Austrian Science Fund, no. P22917)
  • 07–11/2012: Paternity leave
  • 8/2001–11/2010: Head of the pedagogical department of the Museum for Contemporary History and the Concentration Camp Memorial Ebensee
  • 9/2002–5/2005: Research assistant and member of the research team KZ-memoria scripta at the Department for Romance languages and literatures (Project grant by the Austrian Science fund, N° P15639). Research area: Autobiographical literature of French concentration camp survivors. 
  • 6/2000–5/2001: Community service

Independent Research and Public History Projects

  • 2017: Investigator for the project ‚Klänge und Filme –  Eine multimediale Landkarte Österreichs für Archivaufnahmen‘ conducted by the Austrian Media Library, Vienna
  • 2016-2017: Editorial assistance for the Online-Handbook of Jewish Cultural History (edited by the Centre for Jewish Cultural History at the University of Salzburg)
  • 2012–2013: Investigator for the project ‘The city of Salzburg in the 3rd reich’ (Project grant by the municipality of Salzburg)
  • 2008–2009: Film co-directing of ‘Wege nach Ebensee’ (together with Philipp Bruckschlögl, film biography, festival screening at Crossing Europe 2010 in Linz)       
  • 2007–2008: Historical Exhibition ‘invisible – Resistance movement in the Salzkammergutregion’ in Strobl/Salzburg (Concept and author with Klaus Kienesberger)
  • 2007: Interviewer for the project ‘European Memory landscapes’ directed by Harald Welzer,  Institute for advanced studies in the humanities, University of Essen
  • 2006–2007: Collaborator and Co-Author of the Project ‚Dictionnaire critique de la littérature européenne des camps de concentration et d'extermination nazis‘ (Grant by European Commission, directed by David Serrano, Centre d'Investigació de la Literatura Europea Concentracionària, Sabadell/Spain) 

Activities and Memberships